Take back your Website!

Fixture is a beautiful website builder that uses your AWS bucket to host your website.  Take back control of your website today with Fixture!

  • Store sites in your own AWS bucket
  • Costs less than traditional hosted website builders
  • 5x faster websites than popular website builders
  • Simple Drag-and-Drop Editing
  • Beautiful themes
  • Fast, secure serverless architecture

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See how easy it is to build a high performance website with Fixture.

Great Features

Learn why Fixture outshines all the big site builders.

Easy to Use

Fixture features a great User Experience with an easy-to-use drag-and-drop page builder. Quickly add slideshows, image galleries, cards, forms, and more without writing any code.  Take our tour.

Up to 5x Faster

Did you know you can increase page views and revenue just by having a faster website? Not only does Google prioritize fast websites, but so do site visitors.  See a comparison.

Bring your own Bucket

Stop settling for someone else's server. Fixture allows you to manage your website on your own AWS bucket.  This gives your more control than any other builder.  See how it works.

Built for Entrepreneurs

With a low overall cost, tools to manage multiple users and sites, and greater control over distribution than any other website builder, Fixture is the best choice for entrepreneurs.  Learn more.

100% Serverless Architecture

Don’t trust a mystery architecture to power the most important part of your business. Fixture is built 100% on the AWS serverless infrastructure to guarantee that your website is up when you need it.  Learn more.

Lots of Great Widgets

Fixture has support for slideshows, cards, photo galleries, slideshows, forms, and much more. This is all done within our easy-to-use editor, so you don't have to learn any new code.

Faster. Cheaper. More reliable.

Sites built with Fixture are faster, cheaper, and more reliable than self-hosted websites and even websites built with all popular website builders.