Welcome Respond!

A quick introduction to Fixture for loyal Respond developers.

Fixture is the latest product from the creators of Respond CMS!  Respond has a long history of innovation.  It was the first content management system to embrace responsive design.  It was the first to use Bootstrap as its underlying theme infrastructure.  And, Respond was an early pioneer in building sites using static HTML.  While none of these innovations shook the world, we were proud to be pioneers of those technologies.  Two years ago, Respond once again took a radical step forward.  We made it possible to publish Respond sites to Amazon S3.  It worked so well that we thought "wouldn't it be amazing if the whole system ran in Amazon?"  What would a CMS look like if it did not rely on traditional servers at all?  

Introducing Fixture

Fixture is the result of this thought experiment.  It is a CMS that runs entirely in the Amazon Cloud.  The storage, processing, and authentication of Fixture is all done using Amazon's serverless infrastructure.  It is amazingly secure, reliable, and robust.  While not open source, Fixture builds on Respond's legacy by making the system incredibly affordable and by giving you complete control over the content and storage of your website.  Sites built with Fixture are extremely fast and because they run on AWS will scale indefinitely.  We think this is the next logical step in content management systems.  And, we are proud to be the first (once again) to deliver a completely serverless CMS.  

As an open source developer, I completely understand the preference for open source.  But, I think Fixture provides an incredibly reliable and cost effective solution for designers and developers that need the reliability and scale of an AWS powered solution.  I am committed to continuing work on Respond, but I do hope that you give Fixture a look when you need a commercial grade content management solution.

Thanks again for all your support. -Matt