Thank you for checking out Fixture!  I know what you are thinking: does the world really need another website builder?  But, I did not build Fixture to be just another website builder.  Fixture is something completely different.  Fixture not only gives you a high quality website builder.  But, it also doesn't lock you in long term. Fixture is built on a 100% serverless AWS architecture. So, it is highly reliable and incredible fast. Best of all, Fixture just builds better websites out-of-the-box than most other builders.  If this piques your interest, read more about what makes Fixture different below.

1. You (actually) own your site

Today, you have two options to build a website.  The first option is you use one of the commercial website builders (think Wix or Squarespace).  You get a (mostly) painless experience, but you don't actually own your website.  When you unsubscribe, your site disappears.  The second option is you go the high tech route. You setup a server with Wordpress or go the static route with Hugo.  You own everything, but you end up with a long term technical commitment that is not transferrable to non-technical users.  

Fixture is different.  We own the builder, you own the website.  Fixture uses your own AWS bucket to build your site.  So, if you unsubscribe, you keep your site.  If you keep us around, you get a wonderful way to update your site that is easy for non-technical folks and flexible enough for developers.

2. Our 100% serverless platform makes Fixture ultra fast and reliable

Fixture is the first website builder to use an entirely serverless stack.  While this is really cool from a technical perspective, what it means to you is that Fixture is one of the most reliable content management solutions on the planet.  Unless Amazon goes down, your site and the builder will be available (24/7/365).  There are no maintenance windows or slow downs.  This is a huge selling point if you own a site, and an even bigger selling point if you maintain sites for others.  And, that brings us to the next point...

3. Built for Multiple sites

Fixture was built for you to build and host multiple sites.  Our focus from day 1 has been to build a solution for developers and designers that build sites for others.  We hope that if you are currently building sites for others or if you are a new entrepreneur, you seriously consider building sites with us.  We make it easy for you to switch between sites, invite collaborators, and quickly build new sites.  Best of all, with our platform packages, you can actually make a living reselling Fixture sites.  Combine this with our reliability and flexibility, and we have a very exciting solution for site builders.

4. Proud to be Indie

Fixture is made by Matthew Smith in Manchester, Missouri (USA).   I am an independent designer and developer.   I take a lot of pride in Fixture and believe it shows through in the high quality themes, website performance, and hand crafted user interface.  If you are tired of working with bloated website builders and would like to work with someone who is actually excited about your business, you have found a home at Fixture.  You can reach out to me directly anytime to talk at

5. Serious about building Great Websites

Take a minute to view the source on this site.  It is built by Fixture.  Compare it to a site built by Wordpress, Wix, or Squarespace.  Go ahead, I'll wait.  Notice the difference.  Now, run a speed test.  Pretty impressive, right?  That is because Fixture was built to ensure high quality code first.  The quality is reflected in the speed and reliability of the site.  I am so proud of Fixture that I trust it to build this site and many others.  How many other website builders use their own software to build their marketing site?  

Are you ready to start building websites that you (actually) own.  Do you want a website that is fast and reliable?  Are you tired of working with bloated, out-of-touch website companies?  You will love building your next site with Fixture.   Get started with Fixture today.