Core Concepts

Your privacy is important to us.  Here are our core principles:

  • We don't ask for information unless we need it.
  • We only require an email and password to create a site.  Everything else is optional.
  • Stored data is encrypted at rest in DynamoDB.
  • We use AWS Cognito to create and manage accounts including emails and passwords.  Cognito provides secure encryption.  We cannot view or change your password.
  • We use Stripe to process Credit Cards. We do not store your Credit Card Information. 
  • Your website is public.  You should consider all website content you create on Fixture to be public as well.

What we Store and How we Store It

Fixture stores the following data:

  • Email and Password for all users of your site
  • Site Name
  • Payment Keys and Email Text
  • Copies of messages submitted on your site (for 30 days)
  • AWS Keys
  • Bucket name

Email and passwords are stored in Cognito.  AWS keys are stored in secure Parameter Storage.  All other data is stored in DynamoDB.  All data is encrypted at REST.  Passwords are not accessible to Fixture admins.

Site Storage

Your site is stored in your own AWS bucket.  All files in this bucket are public and should be treated as such.  Never publish anything to your site that isn't fit for public consumption.