Partner Platform

Learn how you can use Fixture to build your own website builder.

How it Works

The Fixture Partner platform gives you access to our fantastic website builder without the need to maintain your own infrastructure.  The key benefits include:

  • Simple upfront price
  • Per site revenue share powered by Stripe Connect
  • No infrastructure to maintain
  • Completely branded experience - your domain, your logo, and your colors


The Fixture partner program has a fixed upfront price of $250.  The upfront price covers enrollment in the Stripe Connect platform, setting up your personalized domain, and setting up the branding to match your site.  

After the initial setup, revenue earned by sites built using Fixture are subject to a 70/30 revenue split (70% going to you and 30% going to us) with a minimum per site monthly cost of $12 per month. 

Per Site Cost (per month) *Your Revenue (per month) *Our Revenue (per month) *

* Note the per site revenue is an approximate less Stripe fees.