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The top section is typically a "sticky" header that remains on the page as the user scrolls. It is a great place to place email signups, call-to-action buttons, a phone number, or a shopping cart for e-commerce sites.

Pro Tips:

  • Make it stick
  • Give it some contrast from the rest of the site
  • Keep it simple


The header section typically contains your navigation and your company logo.

Pro Tips:

  • Don't overthink it
  • Make the navigation inuitive
  • Try to center the logo for something unique

Hero Section

The Hero Section should describe what your product or service is. Why did you create it? What problems does it solve.

Pro Tips:

  • Simple, clear statements
  • Give real information
  • Use a clear voice

Social Proof

The Social Proof Section should back up your claims with success stories related to how others are using your product to solve problems.

Pro Tips:

  • Be genuine and honest
  • Provide specific examples
  • Be relatable


The Details section goes deeper into the specific features for your product. This is a greate place to list the price of your solution, compare it to competitors, and deep dive into features.

Pro Tips:

  • Focus on headlines
  • Use plain, clear text
  • Make sure you answer the big questions about your service


The Footer is typically the last place your potential customer looks. So, make it useful! Add links to learn more, blog posts, cases studies, call-to-actions and more.

Pro Tips:

  • Make is useful
  • Provide a clear path forward
  • Leave with a good impression


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