Fixture and Website Entrepreneurs

Learn why Fixture is the best choice for Website Entrepreneurs.

Do you build websites for others?  Fixture was built for you.  Learn why we think Fixture provides the most compelling solution on the market for website builders, entrepreneurs, and marketers.

1. Lowest overall Cost

Fixture is just $4 per month per site.  Websites built with Fixture and Amazon AWS typically cost between $4.50 USD to $6.50 USD per month to operate.  This price includes a world class CDN (AWS Cloudfront) and SSL.  This gives you a lot of flexibility on how to price your solution.

2. Greater Control

Because Fixture uses your own AWS bucket, Fixture gives you the flexibility and control of maintaining your own server without the worry of running your own content management system. 

3. More Reliable

With Fixture, there is no need to worry about your (or someone else's) server being available.  Fixture runs on Amazon AWS S3.  S3 features the highest reliability in the market.  S3 also allows for backups,  file versioning, file lifecycle management, and bucket replication so that you can ensure your files will always be there.  With Fixture and AWS, you have less to worry about than any other solution on the market.

4. Tools your Customers will Love

Fixture was built to provide a great end user experience for both you and your customers.  Your customers will love the easy-to-use editor packed with tons of awesome widgets.  And, you will love being able to edit the CSS, JS, and HTML in our code editor.  We think Fixture is the most balanced system on the market.

5. Great SEO Tools

Fixture is great for SEO.  It produces sites that run faster than any other site builder on the market and our Google Lighthouse scores are fantastic.  Fixture also gives you the ability to customize links and page meta data to improve discovery.  Best of all, we give you full access to the HTML code used to build the site.  So, if you want to tweak the code to try a new SEO strategy, you can do it with ease.