For a video walkthrough, checkout our step-by-step walkthrough on Youtube.

1. Select Theme

To get started, select the Get Started link on the top of the Fixture website.  Then choose your theme.

2. Setup your login

Choose a username and a secure password and then click the Next button.  This will create your account and send you an email.  Once you confirm your email, you can then login to Fixture.

3. Setup your first site

When you login for the first time, you will get a setup screen to create your first site and setup AWS.  Start by entering the name and confirming the theme for the first site.

4. Setup your AWS account details

Select a name for the bucket that will hold your Fixture sites.  Each site will be created in a unique folder within that bucket.  You can use the defaults or select your own.  Click Next.  This will launch a CloudFormation template in a new tab.

5. Create Stack

Review the stack information 

Check the IAM acknowledgement and click Create Stack to continue.

When the stack is created, you will see a green checkmark.  You have successfully setup your IAM permissions.

6. Get IAM Credentials

While the stack creates the AWS user, it does not provide credentials.  Navigate to Identity Access Management (IAM) from the services menu.  Select the "FixtureAccessUser" that was created.

Select the "Security Credentials" tab and then select "Create Access Key".

Copy and paste the Access Key and the Secret Key back into Fixture.

7. Create Site

Once the keys are pasted into Fixture, you can then create your first site by clicking the Create Site button.

Your Fixture and AWS bucket are now linked by these keys.  You will not have to setup AWS again when you create another site with your Fixture account.