How It Works

Get a quick overview of how Fixture works.

1. Give Fixture Access to your AWS Bucket

Fixture works with your own AWS bucket.  How cool is that?  This means that you have full control over how you backup, scale, and build-out your website.   For a quick overview of the process, view our documentation on the setup process.

2. Build your website

Fixture gives you awesome tools that you can use to build your website.  You can use the WYSIWYG editor to quickly add images, slideshows, forms, and more.  If you want to tweak the design of anything, Fixture gives you full access to the code.  You can change the CSS, Javascript, and any HTML produced by Fixture.  No website builder gives you more control.  See our tour for more details.

3. Take your site live with AWS Cloudfront and Route 53!

Amazon AWS makes it easy to turn your bucket into a website.  Fixture has already taken care of all the settings needed on your bucket during the setup process.  All you need to do now is to create a CloudFront distribution and point a Route 53 route at the Cloudfront Distribution.  This will give you a fast CDN and SSL.  Follow this walkthrough to get up and running.